The Bill Dodd for Assembly campaign is seeking applicants for the position of Field Campaign Intern. The position can be based in Sonoma County (Rohnert Park) and will extend through the November 4, 2014 election. Stipend is available and based on experience.

Responsibilities include:

1. Field Operations
- Under direction of campaign manager, implement field operation staffed by volunteers (can be students and/or members of greater community)
- Field operations include:

  • Recruit and maintain list of volunteers to phone bank and precinct walk
  • Train volunteers
  • Schedule, coordinate, and oversee

Dear Friends,

First, a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this campaign, whether you were a volunteer, supporter or voter, all of you cared enough to come out and participate in our democratic process and affirm its vitality.

Second, according to figures gathered from each of the 6 county registrars, the ballots that remain to be counted will affirm that our campaign has made the November run-off election as one of the two top vote getters.

Voters responded to our call for a new direction in California's political leadership and ignored the destructive campaign tactics of


The hit pieces flying around the past few weeks are really ticking me off.  That includes ALL of them, even those hitting my opponents.  Our local newspapers have characterized the hits on saying things like "Anti-Dodd mailer falls shy of the truth" and "the charges against Dodd play with the truth."

While political mud throwing is nothing new, I think it's reaching a dangerous level in our politics and serves to reinforce the power of the already powerful.  

That's corrosive and is weakening people's faith in our system, something we don't spend much time talking about these days.